Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Preseason Blog Poll

It's that time of year again. Children are going back to school, the days are slowly getting shorter, and the NFL is taunting its fans with preseason football. Its also time for predictions. Around this time of year, everyone is an expert, tossing around bold predictions and the like. I am no different, except that my predictions are here for all to read. That being said, here is my preseason Blog Poll Ballot. First a few things:
1) I ranked teams on how good I think they are, not what kind of record they will finish with
2) I really have no idea what I'm doing-- aside from believing USC will reload, Arkansas and Pitt will surprise, West Virginia and Notre Dame will disappoint, I really am not sure what to expect this season
3) Who is the 3rd best team in the Pac 10? In my opinion, USC and Cal are easly 1 and 2, but I have no idea what to expect from everyone else. Without further adieu, here's the ballot.

1. Southern Cal-- picking up where they left off
2. Auburn-- Kenny Irons, sleeper Heisman candidate?
3. Iowa-- solid point differential belied their mediocre record
4. Miami-- bowl loss a fluke
5. Texas-- I think they'll miss that Vince Young fellow
6. Ohio State-- offense will be good, but where's the D?
7. Louisville-- the other Bush will shine this year
8. Virginia Tech-- got a little feeling this could be similar to 2001-2003 when VT started out highly ranked and sank like a stone once the schedule toughened up
9. Georgia-- always seem to be in the top 10
10. Notre Dame-- be very wary of the Jackets on Labor Day weekend
11. Florida-- killer schedule
12. Cal-- big test opening up in Knoxville
13. Arkansas-- sleeper
14. Florida State-- bold prediction: won't lose 5 games this season
15. Pitt-- sleeper #2
16. Oklahoma-- not buying them as a legitimate national threat
17. Michigan-- also won't lose 5 games again
18. LSU-- Miles away from where they were under Saban
19. Clemson-- will they win 10 games? my man Frank says yes, I disagree
20. West Virginia-- sell, sell, sell
21. Utah-- best of the mids
22. Texas A&M-- time for a rebound
23. Purdue-- Joe Tiller won't go for consecutive losing seasons
24. Boise State-- fun to watch
25. Colorado-- will win the Big 12 North (again)


STR said...

I dont know about having West Virginia at #20th! What do you have against people from the Mountains?

matt said...

It's nothing personal, I just find them repulsive. In all seriousness, I think they will lose to both Pitt and Louisville in the Big East. 3rd best team in a weak conference sounds like #20 to me.

Anonymous said...

Matt, you are correct about WV being vastly over-ranked but my Lord where did you get this notion that Pitt a respectable team?

There should be no BE teams in the top 20 and no more than one in the top 25. Pitt would be fodder in the SEC or Big Ten.

matt said...

Pitt had bad luck last season (0-3) in close games, and I think Wannstedt can be a solid college coach. Plus they have Tyler Palko coming back. Still, I know its kind of a reach.