Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog Poll Week VI

1 Ohio State-- new number 1 after their relatively easy win in Iowa (LW 2)
2 Southern Cal-- Kirk Herbstreit almost got it right (LW 1)
3 Auburn-- held the ball the entire 3rd quarter against South Carolina (LW 3)
4 Michigan-- the Dome is their second home (LW 4)
5 Louisville-- blowout in the Cards this weekend (LW 5)
6 Florida-- two toughest games come the next two weeks (LW 6)
7 LSU-- wouldn't be surprised if they walked out of The Swamp with a win (LW 7)
8 Texas-- Red River Shootout (LW 8)
9 West Virginia-- slowly moving up (LW 12)
10 Clemson-- ACC's best team (LW 15)
11 Georgia-- they play some defense (and thank goodness), because the offense is pretty bad (LW 10)
12 Tennessee-- big game in the conference race at Athens (LW 13)
13 Cal-- battle for second in the Pac 10 this week (LW 14)
14 Oregon-- rolled over the Sun Devil's defense (LW 19)
15 Notre Dame-- let's give Quinn the Heisman for schredding one of the worst defenses in Division I (LW 15)
16 Iowa-- still have a chance for a very good season (LW 11)
17 Oklahoma-- Adrian Peterson is the reason God made Oklahoma (LW 20)
18 Nebraska-- vaunted Husker defense struggled against a mediocre at best Kansas O (LW 18)
19 Georgia Tech-- impressive victory over Virginia Tech, now which winnable game (Maryland, North Carolina, NC State, or Duke) will they blow (LW NR)
20 Virginia Tech-- warning signs were there (LW 9)
21 Missouri-- deadly on third down (LW 17)
22 Florida State-- need to get ahold of some Amato Gellato (LW 22)
23 Boise State-- impressive win over Utah, but I just think teams ahead of them are better (LW 25)
24 Rutgers-- will Schiano bolt after the season? (LW NR)
25 Washington-- same record as Notre Dame (LW NR)

Teams that dropped out:
21 Michigan State-- meltdown on
23 TCU-- BCS hopes dashed
24 Texas A&M-- why did they fire RC Slocum?

Teams creeping around:
Wake Forest-- in with a win this weekend
Wisconsin-- haven't missed a beat so far
Arkansas-- big game against Auburn this weekend

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