Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blog Poll Week VII

1 Ohio State--'only' beat Bowling Green by 28 (LW 1)
2 Southern Cal-- different team without Dwayne Jarrett (LW 2)
3 Florida-- if they beat Auburn this week, will be #2 (LW 6)
4 Michigan-- Super Mario out against Penn State (LW 4)
5 Louisville-- rolling along (LW 5)
6 Texas-- 2 in a row for Mack (LW 8)
7 Tennessee-- hung 51 on a good defense (LW 12)
8 Cal-- Pac 10 silver medalist (LW 13)
9 West Virginia-- flying under the radar (LW 9)
10 Clemson-- lucky to survive Groves Stadium (LW 10)
11 Auburn-- no one saw that coming (LW 3)
12 Notre Dame-- beat a bad Stanford team (LW 15)
13 Iowa-- nice bounce back over Purdue (LW 16)
14 Nebraska-- won easily in Ames (LW 18)
15 LSU-- lost both games against teams with a pulse (LW 7)
16 Georgia Tech-- is this the year they avoid the bad loss? (LW 19)
17 Georgia-- 2 special teams TDs and the lose by double digits (LW 11)
18 Missouri-- North favorites? (LW 21)
19 Arkansas-- 33 to 1 odds to win the SEC in July (LW NR)
20 Virginia Tech-- hard to get a read on the Hokies this year (LW 20)
21 Oregon-- not even close against Cal (LW 14)
22 Boise State-- half way to unbeaten season (LW 23)
23 Pitt-- bounced back since loss to Spartans (LW NR)
24 Rutgers-- tough game against Navy this week (LW 24)
25 Wisconsin-- rolling along without Alvarez (LW NR)

Dropped out:
17 Oklahoma-- Stoops' troops lost two in a row in the shootout
22 Florida State-- how the mighty have fallen
25 Washington-- acquitted themselves in LA, but Badgers, Panthers, and Hogs had big wins so they fall out

Creeping around:
Navy-- showdown with Rutgers this weekend
Wake Forest-- need to rebound against rejuvenated NC State team
BYU-- Cougs probably win Mountain West

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ACCHalfBreed said...

To answer a question from the previous week: No, you are not alone in the amazing, hung-out-to-dry, cotton mouth, empty stomach, punch-to-the-gut feeling from lasst week's Wake game. And I hope they DO feel better, or at least use the frustration/anger for this week's game with NCSU. Or else, we're in trouble. They aren't kidding around over there. And I'm glad to see that you think Wake is still worthy of a "creeping around" title. Something could seriously still happen there. Lets hope it does.