Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog Poll Ballot Week 5

I recently joined the Blog Poll. This endeavor is simply a mechanism for bloggers to vote on who they think the Top 25 teams are. As the two polls, AP and Coaches, and the new Harris Interactive poll are full of inherent preseason and 'loss' biases, this blog poll is designed to be inteligent voting and commentary on college football. Here is my Week 5 ballot (the first time I voted) along with some commentary on each team.

1. Southern Cal (3-0)--Totally manhandled a good Oregon team on the road after falling behind 13-0.
2. Texas (3-0)--Beat a very good Ohio St. team on the road sandwiched between two glorified exhibitions.
3. Virginia Tech (4-0)--The narrow victory at NC St. doesn't look as good now, but beating Georgia Tech at home by 40+ is impressive.
4. Florida (4-0)--Only one real marquee win (at home versus Tennessee), but I just think they are that good. And they have done nothing that says otherwise.
5. Ohio St. (3-1)--Yes they have 1 loss, but it was to the #2 team. The only issue I have with them is that they haven't played a road game yet.
6. Florida St. (3-0)--It hasn't been pretty, but they own victories over Miami (#7) at home and Boston College (#19) on the road.
7. Miami (2-1)--Two victories over soild bowl-bound squads (Clemson and Colorado), and a narrow loss to a team they outplayed (Florida St.)
8. Michigan St. (4-0)--Offensive machine. Can't afford a loss to rival Michigan this week.
9. Georgia (4-0)--The Boise win does not look all that impressive. Neither does the narrow home win over the ol' ball coach. They did take care of business relatively easy (23-10) in their SEC road opener against Mississippi St. The jury is still out.
10. Cal (4-0)--October 8th against UCLA (#18) is their first real test.
11. Arizona St. (3-1)--Should be undefeated heading into this weekends tilt with Southern Cal.
12. Alabama (4-0)--Maybe the class of the SEC West.
13. Notre Dame (3-1)--No they are not top 10, but winning 3 road games in their first 4 contests is impressive.
14. Tennessee (2-1)--Have played 12 quarters so far this season and have played well in 2 of them. Fortunately for them, those 2 quarters won them the game against LSU.
15. Wisconsin (4-0)--The Bowling Green win has lost some of its luster, but the road win at North Carolina looks a little better. And they beat some team from Ann Arbor.
16. Minnesota (4-0)--Finally won a close Big 10 game after fattening up on non-conference cupcakes. Running game is awesome.
17. Texas Tech (3-0)--Cupcake tour is over. They don't play Missouri this season, but they still have to show me.
18. UCLA (3-0)--A sleeping giant?
19. Boston College (4-0)--If they could do away with the first 10 minutes against Florida St. they would be 4-0.
20. Virginia (3-0)--Not really sure what to make of this team, but the win at Syracuse should not be ignored.
21. Louisiana St. (1-1)--Should be 0-2 if not for two fluky special teams plays against Arizona St.
22. Iowa St. (3-0)--Struggled to beat Army and the victory over Iowa may not be that impressive after all.
23. Georgia Tech (3-1)--Not as bad as the score of the Virginia Tech game would indicate. Still own a road victory over...
24. Auburn (3-1)--Maybe they should have opened with Mississippi St., Ball St., Western Kentucky, and then played Georgia Tech.
25. Penn St. (4-0)--I don't know if they are that good, but the South Florida win is looking better and better.

Creeping Around:

Texas A&M (2-1): Haven't played anyone of note since the Clemson loss, but that will change soon.
South Florida (3-1): Molly-whopped Louisville.
West Virginia (4-0): Big game this week at home against Virginia Tech.
Toledo (3-0): Play Fresno St. in mid-major matchup tonight.
UTEP (3-0): Could conceivably go undefeated.
Vanderbilt (4-0): 4-0 sure looks nice.

Lemme know what you think.

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