Tuesday, September 13, 2005

College/Pro Weekend Wrap-Up

Things went a little better in the prognostication department this week. I was 4-2 in the Six-Pack and showed utter clairvoyance in my two upset picks.

Texas: They went into a hostile environment and came away with a close win thanks to Jim Tressel's conservative play-calling. They should be favored in every game they play from here on out. Mack Brown will have some serious explaining to do if Texas doesn't play in the Rose Bowl this year.

Vanderbilt: Went into Fayetteville and came away with a big road win. Even if Arkansas is down this year, this is still a huge win for Bobby Johnson's program. Now 2-0, they have a real chance of winning their next 3 home game (Mississippi, Richmond, and Middle Tennessee).

The Mountain West: Another Mountain West member, New Mexico, won at another Big 12 school, Missouri. The top 5 teams (Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Air Force, and maybe TCU) will stage a very competitive division race. Too bad more people aren't paying attention.

The Big 10: The holy trinity of the Big 10 (Michigan, Ohio St., and Iowa) all lost this week. And 2 of them were at home.

TCU: Lost all the goodwill they garnered last week with a loss to the pony express.

The first thing to remember about Week 1 in the NFL is not to jump to conclusions. Sure, Miami and San Francisco looked to be playoff contenders, the defenses from Indy and KC looked like the 85' Bears, Daunte Culpepper looked lost without Randy Moss, and a host of other results amazed folks. It's only Week 1. There are 16 more weeks to go. In 2003, the eventual Super Bowl champion Pariots lost 31-0 to Buffalo in the season's first game. Last season, the lowly Browns dominated the Ravnes 20-3 in Week 1. The Washington Redskins have now won their opening game for 4 straight seasons and have zero playoff appearances in that span. Withhold judgement until at least Week 5.

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