Sunday, September 11, 2005

NFL Week One Pigskin Pickin'

A quick Week 1 Prediction-fest before church.

Denver at Miami
Winner: Denver

Cincinnati at Cleveland
Winner: Cincinnati

Houston at Buffalo
Winner: Buffalo

Tennessee at Pittsburgh
Winner: Pittsburgh

Chicago at Wahington: Will there be 100 combined passing yards?
Winner: Washington

New Orleans at Carolina
Winner: Carolina

Tampa Bay at Minnesota
Winner: Minnesota

Seattle at Jacksonville: Jacksonville was not as good as their record showed last season.
Winner: Seattle

NY Jets at Kansas City
Winner: Kansas City

Arizona at NY Giants
Winner: NY Giants

St. Louis at San Francisco: Everyone is picking the Rams in their suicide/eliminator office pool. Be forewarned, the Rams were only 2-6 on the road last season.
Winner: San Francisco

Green Bay at Detroit
Winner: Detroit

Dallas at San Diego
Winner: San Diego

Indianapolis at Baltimore
Winner: Indianapolis

Philadelphia at Atlanta
Winner: Philadelphia

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