Tuesday, September 27, 2005

College/Pro Weekend Wrap-Up

College: Another 4-2 record in the Six-Pack. I was totally wrong about Sparticus falling to the fighting Zooks from Illinois. Maybe this is a special year in East Lansing.

Michigan St.: Went into the Illini's house and smacked em' around. Then for good measure pissed on their rug.

Southern Cal: Sleepwalked through the first half and were only down 3 points. 2 minutes into the 2nd half they were on top and never looked back.

Tennessee: Gotta give credit where credit is due. You could practically see Les Miles' sphincter tightening on every cutaway as Tennessee made their comeback in the 2nd half.

Big East: Will this years BCS bid be just as embarassing as last years? Seriously who wins the Big East now? That South Florida juggernaut lost to a shaky Penn St. team. The Big East's only undefeated team, West Virginia, beat East Carolina by 5 this week and face Virginia Tech on Saturday. Connecticut has lost to Georgia Tech. Rutgers has lost to Illinois. Pitt has lost to everyone.

New Mexico St.: Normally I don't take shots at an 0-4 mid-major program, but what I saw Friday night was ridiculous. New Mexico St. is playing Cal at home. Cal is lined up for a 40 yard field goal at the end of the first half. Cal is up 27-10. New Mexico St. coach Hal Mumme proceeds to call all 3 of his timeouts to ice the kicker. I have no problem with this. Good strategy as there are only 15 seconds left on the clock so it is unlikely they can mount a scoring drive whether or not Cal makes the field goal. Cal misses the kick and the camera cuts to Mumme on the sideline celebrating like he had just won the Powerball Jackpot. New Mexico St. went on to lose the game 41-13. I suppose this award should have just gone to the distinguished Mr. Mumme. Maybe Hal can turn this program around and have them competing for WAC championships. But when he leaves, will the WAC titles be worth the inevitable NCAA violations he leaves in his wake?

NFL: Random Thoughts

1. It's still early, but this years Colts team is looking a lot like Tony Dungy's Tampa Bay squads. Very good defense and a struggling offense. Of course, this could also be a function of the teams they have played. Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Cleveland are not offensive powerhouses by any means.

2. Instead of trying to gut out a heroic performance on Sunday, David Akers should have told the Eagles coaching staff earlier in the week that he was not able to play. They could have signed another kicker and added him to the roster. Instead, the Eagles suffered short kickoffs, missed extra points, and narrow short field goals in their squeaker victory over the Raiders.

Final Thought: LT throws a pretty good spiral.

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