Monday, October 10, 2005

Blog Poll Ballot Week 7

1. Southern Cal (5-0)-- Let Arizona hang around, but took care of business. Now on to a week of hype leading up the Notre Dame game. (LW 1)
2. Texas (5-0)-- Beat Oklahoma rather handily. Still not even half-way to an undefeated season.
3. Virginia Tech (6-0)-- Now the schedule gets tough. We'll see if they can avoid the second-half swoons that plagued the 2001-03 VT teams. (LW 3)
4. Alabama (5-0)-- Maybe Dennis 'Century 21' Franchione's departure wasn't all that bad. (LW 5)
5. Florida St. (5-0)-- 4 road contests in their final 6 games. (LW 6)
6. Georgia (5-0)-- Heading towards an SEC title game showdown with 'Bama? (LW 8)
7. Miami (4-1)-- The Colorado win is looking better and better. (LW 7)
8. Penn St. (6-0)-- Still have only played one road game, and it was a struggle at Northwestern. (LW 19)
9. Notre Dame (4-1)-- Their 4 wins (Pitt, Michigan, Washington, and Purdue) don't look that great. But, they were all on the road. (LW 10)
10. UCLA (5-0)-- Dreams of playing a bowl game in their back yard. (LW 17)
11. Florida (5-1)-- Must beat LSU to keep BCS hopes alive. (LW 12)
12. Michigan St. (4-1)-- Must travel to the wounded Buckeyes this week. (LW 14)
13. Cal (5-1)-- The fake punt by UCLA in the 4th was a bold call that turned momentum 180 degrees. (LW 9)
14. Ohio St. (3-2)-- Defense still top notch, but where is the offensive explosion they demonstrated at the end of last season? (LW 4)
15. Texas Tech (5-0)-- The win should not overshadow the fact that they blew a 21-0 lead to Nebraska and should have lost if not for one of the flukiest plays in NCAA history. (LW 16)
16. Boston College (5-1)-- Welcome to the ACC's upper tier. (LW 18)
17. Auburn (4-1)-- Still hanging around. (LW 21)
18. Oregon (5-1)-- Big road win at Arizona St. (LW 24)
19. Colorado (4-1)-- Maybe the class of the Big 12 North? (LW NR)
20. Louisiana St. (3-1)-- Struggled for 3 quarters at Vandy. (LW 22)
21. Tennessee (3-2)-- If not for the 2nd half against LSU, would be 1-3 in the SEC aka Gamecock territory. (LW 13)
22. Wisconsin (5-1)-- The schedule was set up nicely as they avoided Ohio St. and Michigan St. (LW 15)
23. Nebraska (4-1)-- Can't drop them after the Texas Tech game. (LW 23)
24. West Virginia (5-1)-- Somebody from the Big East... (LW NR)
25. Louisville (4-1)-- ... has to be ranked. (LW NR)

Creeping around:

Baylor(4-1): Host Nebraska this week.
Arizona St. (3-3): Need to win a game sometime.
Fresno St. (3-1): On to the WAC schedule.
Maryland (4-2): Is your refrigerator running?
Iowa (4-2): Another late-season surge?

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