Sunday, October 09, 2005

NFL Week Five Pigskin Pickin'

Last Week: 9-5
Overall: 35-24

Chicago at Cleveland: Can Kyle Orton win on the road against an improving Browns team? No way.
Winner: Cleveland

New Orleans at Green Bay: The Pack gets off the sneid.
Winner: Green Bay

Tampa Bay at New York Jets: Tampa is 4-0, but their opponents are a combined 3-12. Vinny wins his homecoming game with the Jets.
Winner: New York

Seattle at St. Louis: Time for Seattle to start playing like the Super Bowl contender they are.
Winner: Seattle

New England at Atlanta
Winner: New England

Miami at Buffalo
Winner: Buffalo

Baltimore at Detroit
Winner: Detroit

Tennessee at Houston: If two nancy boys get in a fight, one of them still has to win.
Winner: Tennessee

Indianapolis at San Francisco
Winner: Indianapolis

Carolina at Arizona: The Panthers are coming off a Monday night game and now must travel cross-country to play Arizona in the desert. I have a bad feeling about this.
Winner: Arizona

Philadelphia at Dallas
Winner: Philadelphia

Washington at Denver: The masquerade ends this week for the 'Skins.
Winner: Denver

Cincinnati at Jacksonville: Cincinnati is playoff-bound, but their opponents are a combined 3-10. They face the best team on their schedule so far in a road game at night. The Jaguars handle their business at home.
Winner: Jacksonville

Pittsburgh at San Diego
Winner: San Diego

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