Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blog Poll Week 9

1. Southern Cal (7-0)-- Two more easy home dates before their next test at Cal on November 12. (LW 1)
2. Texas (7-0)-- 3 road games in their last 4, but they come against Oklahoma St., Baylor, and Texas A&M. (LW 2)
3. Virginia Tech (7-0)-- Won rather handily at Maryland despite their plethora of mistakes. (LW 3)
4. Georgia (7-0)-- May struggle in the 'Cocktail Party' without Shockley. (LW 4)
5. UCLA (7-0)-- Finally a win by a comfortable margin. Their lack of defense will be their undoing. (LW 7)
6. Alabama (7-0)-- 1 touchdown in their last 2 games. Destined to lose to either LSU or Auburn (or both). (LW 5)
7. Miami (5-1)-- Game versus Georgia Tech postponed. (LW 6)
8. Notre Dame (5-2)-- Brady Quinn and Maurice Stovall had a game for the ages. (LW 8)
9. Penn St. (7-1)-- I'm a firm believer now. (LW 11)
10. Florida St. (6-1)-- Had a bye week against Duke. (LW 10)
11. Ohio St. (5-2)-- Never challenged against improving Indiana. (LW 12)
12. Louisiana St. (5-1)-- Survived another close game. (LW 13)
13. Oregon (7-1)-- Lost quarterback Kellen Clemons at least until the bowl game with a broken ankle. (LW 14)
14. Boston College (6-1)-- Big Thursday night clash at Virginia Tech coming up. (LW 15)
15. Northwestern (5-2)-- When Penn St. barely squeaked by them a few weeks ago I thought it was an indication of the mediocrity of both teams. Now, I think its an indication of the superiority of the 2 teams. (LW NR)
16. Wisconsin (7-1)-- Still alive in the Big 10 race. (LW 17)
17. Texas Tech (6-1)-- The Texas game proved one of two things: They either were exposed as frauds, or simply outmanned by the number 2 team in the country. If they keep winning, I'll consider them legit. If not, they're just a gimmick offense that picks on the little guys and can't beat the big boys (think Houston in the late 80's/early 90's). (LW 9)
18. West Virginia (6-1)-- Game against South Florida postponed. (LW 19)
19. Auburn (5-2)-- Kicker missed about 80 field goas against LSU. (LW 16)
20. Colorado (5-2)-- Rebounded nicley after the Texas loss. (LW 21)
21. Florida (5-2)-- The 'Cocktail Party' is a game Urban desperately needs. (LW 22)
22. TCU (7-1)-- Plugging along since the loss to the Pony Express. (LW NR)
23. Cal (6-2)-- Got a much-needed comback win against Wazzou. (LW 25)
24. Fresno St. (5-1)-- Rolling along in the WAC. (LW NR)
25. Louisville (5-2)-- Congrats on the first Big East win. (LW NR)

Creeping around:

Georgia Tech (4-2): Big game at home against Clemson this weekend.
UTEP (5-1): Say hello to your Conference USA champs.
Missouri (5-2): Colorado's biggest challenger in the Big 12 North.
Texas A&M (5-2): Beating up on the soft under-belly of the Big 12.
Stanford (4-2): Rebounding nicely from the loss to UC Davis.

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