Sunday, October 02, 2005

NFL Week Four Pigskin Pickin'

Last Week: 8-6
Overall: 26-19

Detroit at Tampa Bay
Winner: Tampa Bay

Indianapolis at Tennessee: Will the Colts injure another quarterback?
Winner: Indianapolis

San Diego at New England: The last time the Pats lost at home was Week 16 of the 2002 season. 50 Cent had not blown up, Maurice Clarrett was still a 'student', and Matt Leinart was riding the pine in So Cal.
Winner: New England

Seattle at Washngton
Winner: Seattle

Buffalo at New Orleans
Winner: Buffalo

Denver at Jacksonville
Winner: Jacksonville

St. Louis at New York Giants: St. Louis struggles on the road.
Winner: New York Giants

Houston at Cincinnati
Winner: Cincinnati

New York Jets at Baltimore: Brooks Bollinger versus Anthony Wright. Not exactly Graham versus Tittle. I suppose I'll go with the home team.
Winner: Baltimore

Philadelphia at Kansas City: The Chiefs looked bad without Willie Roaf last week. Arrowhead is a tough place to play, McNabb's hurt, and their ace kicker is out, but I'll go with the defending NFC champs.
Winner: Philadelphia

Dallas at Oakland: The Cowboys specialize in playing close games (all 3 decided 4 points or less), and this one will be no different. And they gave up 31 to San Francisco, so I gotta go with Moss and Co.
Winner: Oakland

Minnesota at Atlanta: I'll continue my season-long trend of picking against the Falcons.
Winner: Minnesota

San Francisco at Arizona: If two teams play, and no one watches, does it actually happen?
Winner: Arizona

Green Bay at Carolina
Winner: Carolina

1 comment:

Sabykid said...

Hey matt..

I agree with most of your picks, but I think that New Orleans will beat Buffalo.. They are going to be 'home' and they have get back to winning... I think that NO will come back and win..

I hope that San Diego gives NE a run for their money.. I hope that LT comes and plays with lots of energy.. NE is hurt.. I picked san diego to win.. lol.. i know that they are playing at home, but it can happen.. right? I am picking carolina to beat the Packers.. the hardest pick so far this year.. sad that farve doesn't have his support..