Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Consistent Part Tres

After examining consistency in the Pac 10 and Big 12, it's high time we delve into the SEC. In the past 10 seasons (1996-2005) the SEC has produced of the 12 national champions. Ironically, two of the champions (Florida in 1996 and LSU in 2003) finished the season with a loss, while Auburn finished undefeated in 2004, yet was not able to play for the national championship. Here are the 12 teams ranked by standard deviation of seasonal winning percentage from most consistent to least consistent.

Vanderbilt .1141
Florida .1147
Georgia .1306
Tennessee .1470
Arkansas .1483
Mississippi .1511
Kentucky .1605
Auburn .1934
Alabama .2089
LSU .2111
Mississippi State .2285
South Carolina .2372

The 'Dores are the most consistent team in the SEC from the past decade never winning more than 5 games nor fewer than 2. The top 4 consistent teams in the SEC are from the East. Vanderbilt consistently finishes at the bottom and the Big 3 of Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee consistently finish st the top. However, the most inconsistent team in the SEC also comes from the Eastern Division. In the past decade South Carolina has truly been everywhere. In 1999, they won no games and just two seasons later they went 9-3.

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