Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog Poll Week VIII

1 Ohio State-- #1 until further notice (LW 1)
2 Michigan-- late screen pass by Penn State notwithstanding, that defense was quite impressive (LW 4)
3 Southern Cal-- gotta crush some of those inferior opponents (LW 2)
4 Louisville-- survived a big scare against Cincy (LW 5)
5 Texas-- anyone else shocked Baylor went up 10-0? me too. anyone else worry? me neither. (LW 6)
6 Auburn-- big win to stay alive in the SEC (LW 11)
7 Florida-- Leak didn't fumble (LW 3)
8 Tennessee-- quietly sneaking around should the Gators stumble (LW 7)
9 Cal-- waiting on the Trojans (LW 8)
10 Arkansas-- peaking I do believe (LW 19)
11 West Virginia-- when do they play anybody? (LW 9)
12 Clemson-- adding to Temple's woes (LW 10)
13 Notre Dame-- be wary of the Bruins (LW 12)
14 LSU-- scored over 40 in every game except the 2 big ones (13 combined in those) (LW 15)
15 Georgia Tech-- can they continue their roll in Death Valley? (LW 16)
16 Nebraska-- leg up in the North race (LW 14)
17 Pitt-- big game against Rutgers this week (LW 23)
18 Wisconsin-- only loss in The Big House (LW 25)
19 Oregon-- chance for consecutive 10-win seasons (LW 21)
20 Rutgers--whipped Navy (LW 24)
21 Oklahoma-- how will they do without AP? (LW NR)
22 Boise State-- game against New Mexico State much more entertaining than the NFL game at the same time (LW 22)
23 Texas A&M-- big win against Missouri (LW NR)
24 Missouri-- still alive to win the North (LW 18)
25 Boston College-- dominated Virginia Tech (LW NR)

Dropped out:
13 Iowa-- inexcusable loss to Hoosiers
17 Georgia-- matter of time before Steve Martin got Vandy a big win
20 Virginia Tech-- no good wins

Creeping around:
Wake Forest-- bowl-eligible before Halloween
Miami-- offense terrible, but defense still good
Hawaii-- losses to Boise and Bama

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