Monday, November 07, 2005

Blog Poll Week 11

1. Southern Cal (9-0)-- Last road test of the season upcoming at Cal. (LW 1)
2. Texas (9-0)-- Totally demolished a good Baylor team. (LW 2)
3. Miami (7-1)-- I was surprised with how easily they handled VT. Figured they would be looking ahead to the showdown with the Deacs this week. (LW 6)
4. Alabama (9-0)-- In 3 games against teams other than Utah State since Prothro's injury, the Tide have scored 1 offensive touchdown. (LW 5)
5. Penn St. (9-1)-- BCS bound if they get by schizo Michigan State in 2 weeks. (LW 8)
6. Georgia (7-1)-- Tough rebound game against Auburn this week. (LW 10)
7. Virginia Tech (8-1)-- BCS bid still a possibility, but they must win out. (LW 3)
8. Ohio St. (7-2)-- Intriguing game against Northwestern this week. (LW 11)
9. Louisiana St. (7-1)-- Appalachian State held them to only 24 points. (LW 12)
10. Notre Dame (6-2)-- This drop simply has to do with perspective. Only good team they have actually beaten is Michigan. (LW 7)
11. Oregon (8-1)-- Gritty win at home against Cal. (LW 13)
12. UCLA (8-1)-- Thanks for playing. (LW 4)
13. Florida (7-2)-- Lots of hype for this week's game. (LW 15)
14. Florida St. (7-2)-- Seems like whenever one of Bobby's boyz are in trouble, his team tanks a game to get them off the hot seat. (LW 9)
15. Texas Tech (8-1)-- Whipped A&M. (LW 16)
16. Auburn (7-2)-- Still alive for the SEC West title. (LW 19)
17. Colorado (7-2)-- One win away from a rematch with Texas. (LW 20)
18. Michigan (6-3)-- Ohio State in 2 weeks. (LW 22)
19. West Virginia (7-1)-- Poised to steal a BCS bid. (LW 18)
20. TCU (9-1)-- Mountain West champs. (LW 21)
21. Fresno St. (7-1)-- De facto WAC championship game Thursday against Boise. (LW 24)
22. Louisville (6-2)-- Exciting to watch. (LW 25)
23. Wisconsin (8-2)-- Good send-off season for Mr. Alvarez. (LW 14)
24. Georgia Tech (6-2)-- End season with 3 tough games. (LW NR)
25. Oklahoma (5-3)-- Should win at least 2 out of their last 3. (LW NR)

Creeping around:

Northwestern (6-3): Good comeback over Iowa to become bowl-eligible.
UTEP (7-1): Grabbed a stangle-hold on Conference USA's West division.
South Carolina (6-3): Darth Visor at it again.
Boise St. (7-2): 7 straight wins since early season struggles.
Iowa St. (6-3): Still a player in the Big 12 North.


Anonymous said...

Dropping ND was the result of "Perspective"? Some serious error in perspective my man. Tennessee's defense is still ranked 17 despite the beat down handed out by the Irish. Michigan is way down at 51. Methinks you've got it in for the Irish.

matt said...

I'm just saying evryone should not be creaming themselves over ND. I think everyone, bloggers, the media, and fans in general tend to overrate the irish thanks to their classic with USC. However, they didn't win. Arizona St. also played USC tough. Furthermore, the Irish lost at home to a Michigan St. team that may not make a bowl and lost to Northwestern by 5 TD's. I just think we need to be careful when we rate the Irish and Chaz Weis.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the irish are marching to an undeserve bcs bowl? Look at South Florida they could possible end up with the automatic bid from the Big East, with all due respect that conference is weak. Thats plain out wrong. Some might say the media is creaming over USC a bit to much. Their not a so call jugernaunt as some people believe and we all have seen that this season.