Monday, November 21, 2005

Blog Poll Week 13

1. Southern Cal (11-0)-- Survived a red scare from Fresno. (LW 1)
2. Texas (10-0)-- Only A&M and the Big 12 championship game stand between them and a Rose Bowl date. (LW 2)
3. Penn St. (10-1)-- Congrats Jo Pa. (LW 4)
4. Virginia Tech (9-1)-- Dominated the Cavs in Charlottsville. (LW 5)
5. Louisiana St. (9-1)-- Arkansas is their last hurdle to an SEC West title. (LW 6)
6. Miami (8-2)-- Probably blew a BCS bid with the loss to Georgia Tech. (LW 3)
7. Ohio St. (9-2)-- Tressel the anti-John Cooper. (LW 7)
8. Auburn (9-2)-- Pulling hard for the Hogs this week. (LW 12)
9. Oregon (10-1)-- Won last 3 games without Clemens. (LW 10)
10. UCLA (9-1)-- Still waiting on the Trojans. (LW 11)
11. Notre Dame (8-2)-- Don't deserve a BCS bid. (Lw 9)
12. Georgia (8-2)-- SEC East champs. (LW 13)
13. Alabama (9-2)-- Season definitely lost its luster. (LW 8)
14. West Virginia (8-1)-- Moving up by default. (LW 15)
15. TCU (10-1)-- Ditto. (LW 16)
16. Fresno St. (8-2)-- No shame in the way they played the Trojans. In fact, if you figure homefield is worth 3 points then they actually performed better than the Irish. However, they will get about 1/10 the media attention. (LW 17)
17. Iowa St. (7-3)-- Tough game this week at Kansas. (LW 18)
18. Louisville (7-2)-- Get the 'Cuse at home this week. (LW 20)
19. Michigan (7-4)-- Carr stuck in neutral against Tressel. (LW 14)
20. Colorado (7-3)-- If they beat Nebraska, they win the Big 12 North. (LW 23)
21. Wisconsin (8-3)-- Spend the holidays in Hawaii. (LW NR)
22. Texas Tech (9-2)-- Worst 9-win team ever? (LW NR)
23. Florida (7-3)-- Close with a big rivalry game. (LW 21)
24. Florida St. (7-3)-- Chance to have 5 losses when they go bowling! (LW 22)
25. Georgia Tech (7-3)-- Didn't see that one coming. (LW NR)

Creeping around:

Oklahoma (6-4): Got the shaft against the Red Raiders.
UTEP (8-2): Still have work to do.
Boston College (8-3): How did they lose to North Carolina?
South Carolina (7-4): Proof once and for all that winning close games ain't a matter of skill.
Clemson (7-4): Tommy owns Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Aw, but there is always next year for the Gamecocks. You will be saying Steve owns Clemson ;o)

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame does deserve a BCS bid. Look at Alabama people were calling that bs schedule bcs worthy? I'm surprise they lasted that long without losing.

matt said...

I beg to differ anonymous. 'Bama played and defeated Florida (7-3) and South Carolina (7-4). Hardly two elite teams, but definitely top 25-30 material. They also played and lost to LSU (9-1) and Auburn (9-2). ND's best scalp is Michigan (7-4). Sure they played SC tough, but so did Fresno... in LA. ND has beaten one other team with a winning record, BYU (6-5) and lost at home to a team not going to a bowl, Michigan St. (5-6). This same Spartan team lost to Northwestern by 5 touchdowns. Now by no means does 'Bama deserve a BCS bid, but neither does ND. Auburn, Ohio St., Oregon, and Miami all have better at-large credentials than the Irish.

matt said...

My bad. Seems the Irish have also defeated Navy (6-4). Don't wanna short them. Disregard the fact that Navy lost to Maryland, Stanford, and Rutgers as well.