Thursday, November 24, 2005

NFL Week Twelve Pigskin Pickin'

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 103-55

Atlanta at Detroit: Isn't it ironic that in Atlanta's last 2 games, Michael Vick has had his best passing days of the year and yet his team has lost both? Why aren't his 'intangibles' winning those games?
Winner: Detroit

Denver at Dallas
Winner: Dallas

New England at Kansas City: Two good quarterbacks against two banged up secondaries. I'll go with the home team and the better running attack.
Winner: Kansas City

Carolina at Buffalo
Winner: Carolina

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Winner: Cincinnati

San Diego at Washington
Winner: San Diego

Chicago at Tampa Bay
Winner: Tampa Bay

Cleveland at Minnesota
Winner: Minnesota

San Francisco at Tennessee
Winner: Tennessee

St. Louis at Houston
Winner: St. Louis

Jacksonville at Arizona
Winner: Arizona

Miami at Oakland
Winner: Oakland

Green Bay at Philadelphia
Winner: Philadelphia

New York Giants at Seattle
Winner: Seattle

New Orleans at New York Jets
Winner: New York Jets

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
Winner: Indianapolis

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