Sunday, November 13, 2005

NFL Week Ten Pigskin Pickin'

Last Week: 8-6
Overall: 83-45

Kansas City at Buffalo: Chiefs are actually better off now that Priest Holmes can't take away carries from LJ.
Winner: Kansas City

Washington at Tampa Bay
Winner: Tampa Bay

New England at Miami
Winner: New England

San Francisco at Chicago
Winner: Chicago

Minnesota at New York Giants: Methinks this will be a lot closer than the experts believe.
Winner: New York Giants

Arizona at Detroit
Winner: Detroit

Baltimore at Jacksonville: The Return of Kyle Boller.
Winner: Baltimore

Houston at Indianapolis
Winner: Indianapolis

New York Jets at Carolina
Winner: Carolina

Denver at Oakland
Winner: Oakland

St. Louis at Seattle: If you're waiting for the annual Seattle swoon, you'll be very disappointed.
Winner: Seattle

Green Bay at Atlanta: Upset special.
Winner: Green Bay

Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Winner: Pittsburgh

Dallas at Philadelphia
Winner: Philadelphia

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