Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blog Poll Week II

My ballot for week 2.

1 Southern Cal-- hung half a hundred on the Hogs (LW 1)
2 Auburn-- Kenny Irons, channeling Bo Jackson? (LW 2)
3 Iowa-- tuning up for Ohio State (LW 3)
4 Ohio State-- Northern Illinois never in the game (LW 6)
5 Texas-- big game this weekend (understatement of the week) (LW 5)
6 Notre Dame-- not necessarily impressive, but got the win (LW 10)
7 Florida State-- defense was excellent against Miami (LW 14)
8 Virginia Tech-- Northeastern has a football team? (LW 8)
9 Louisville-- defense needs work (LW 7)
10 Georgia-- Williams Brice will be rocking (LW 9)
11 Florida-- second half much better than the first (LW 11)
12 Miami-- defense was excellent against Florida State (LW 4)
13 Michigan-- not too impressive in win over Vandy (LW 17)
14 LSU-- trounced te Rajin Cajuns (LW 18)
15 Pittsburgh-- easier than expected win over Virginia (LW 15)
16 Tennessee-- welcome back (LW NR)
17 Clemson-- could have a special season if they can win road games (like this week) (LW 18)
18 West Virginia-- won't play an interesting game for a while (LW 20)
19 Oklahoma-- did everything but lose to UAB (LW 16)
20 Texas A&M-- Citadel no match for Aggies (LW 22)
21 Purdue-- Sycamores hung in there for a while (LW 23)
22 Cal-- can they rebound? (LW 12)
23 Nebraska-- still not totally sold (LW NR)
24 Boise State-- have to beat the Beavers to be legit (LW 24)
25 Arkansas-- don't give up on them yet (LW13)

Teams that dropped out:
21 Utah-- never challenged UCLA
25 Colorado-- not the way Dan Hawkins envisioned his opener

Teams creeping around:
Penn State-- let's see how they do against Notre Dame (I wasn't that impressed in win over Akron)
Texas Tech-- rolled over SMU
UTEP-- big game at home against Texas Tech
UCLA-- good opening win against Utah


Anonymous said...

dude are you kidding me pitt above WVU, your a fucking joke man. the score last year was 45-13 what has pitt do to prove they got better and what has WVU done to prove they got worse. Hop off the pitt bandwagon buddy.

Anonymous said...

There's a Pitt bandwagon?

matt said...

Anonymous, you may be right in your contention that West Virginia is mcch better than Pitt. I think we should make the Pitt/WVU game interesting. If Pitt wins, you have to reveal your identity and stop posting as anonymous. Think up something for me to do if WVU wins.