Monday, September 18, 2006

College Football Delayed Reaction

1. Chuck Amato should take his salary and divide it equally between Phillip Rivers and Norm Chow. As they have pretty much made his career. There's no shame in losing to Southern Miss especially on the road as they are a very solid Conference USA team. There's a big shame in losing by 20. And losing at home to Akron. And having under 50 yards passing against Appalachian State.

2. Speaking of the ACC, the supposed super conference is now a rich man's Mountain West. Besides the aforementioned NC State loss, Miami was embarrased at Louisville, Virginia lost at home to Western Michigan, North Carolina beat Furman by 3, Maryland got smoked at West Virginia, BC squeaked by BYU in OT, Georgia Tech struggled with Troy, and the conference's marquee program looked like a high school offense for most of the game against Clemson.

3. Baylor and Vanderbilt have come a long way under Bobby Johnson and Guy Morriss. If the football gods ever decide to let them catch a break, a bowl season could be in the works. After giving Michigan a decent game in the opener and losing by 3 at Alabama, the 'Dores missed a field goal at the end to lose by 2 to Arkansas. Baylor also lost by 2 points at Washington State two weeks after giving TCU at it could handle in a 10 point loss over Labor Day Weekend.

4. Speaking of TCU. The Horned Frogs laid a defensive whooping on alleged offensive genius Mike Leach.

5. After 3 games, Ty Willingham is 2-1. The same record Charlie Weiss has at Notre Dame. The wins may not be as impressive, but the Huskie program was waaaaaay down when Willingham got there year.

6. After three weeks Rutgers, Navy, Wake Forest (both 3-0) have better records than Notre Dame, Penn State, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida State, Tennessee, LSU (all 2-1), and Miami (1-2).

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