Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blog Poll Week V

1 Southern Cal-- offense not the machine it was last year, but defense is much better (LW 1)
2 Ohio State-- final score not indicative of how well Nittany Lions played (LW 2)
3 Auburn-- dominated Buffalo in a little reprieve after LSU (LW 3)
4 Michigan-- looked for a little while like Wisconsin might challenge them (LW 6)
5 Louisville-- took care of business against a competent road team (LW 4)
6 Florida-- now the schedule really gets tough (LW 5)
7 LSU-- SEC is stacked with great defenses (LW 8)
8 Texas-- easily the best team in the Big 12 (LW 10)
9 Virginia Tech-- deffense and special teams picking up the offense's slack (LW 9)
10 Georgia-- survived a real scare at home (LW 7)
11 Iowa-- put up or shut up against the Buckeyes (LW 11)
12 West Virginia-- East Carolina shut down the run, imagine what a defense like LSU or Ohio State would do against these boys (LW 13)
13 Tennessee-- struggled to put away Marshall (LW 14)
14 Cal-- rebounding nicely from the Tennessee debacle (LW 15)
15 Clemson-- that BC loss will really hurt come season's end (LW 18)
16 Notre Dame-- defense still leaves a lot to be desired (LW 12)
17 Missouri-- finished non-conference play without a blemish (LW 16)
18 Nebraska-- through bullying the little guys (LW 17)
19 Oregon-- had a week to relish in the Oklahome win (LW 20)
20 Oklahoma-- seems to have put the Oregon loss behind them (LW 22)
21 Michigan State-- moving a team up after a loss?! unbelievable (LW NR)
22 Florida State-- way to run the ball on Rice (LW 21)
23 TCU-- conference play begins with BYU on Thursday (LW 25)
24 Texas A&M-- get Texas Tech at home to start Big 12 play (LW 24)
25 Boise State-- Hawaii game a little too close especially considering it was at home (LW 23)

Teams that dropped out:
19 Boston College-- close games will catch up with you eventually

Teams creeping around:
Rutgers-- if they beat South Florida this week, they will be in
Wake Forest-- if they win the next 2, they will be in
Washington-- same record as Notre Dame
Alabama-- probably better than Arkansas


Anonymous said...

imagine what a talented sec defense would do against West Virgina, o yah now i remember they dropped 38 on Georgia last year in the sugar bowl and are still getting better.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a group of fans more proud of almost blowing a 30 point lead.

Anonymous said...

yah when people keep questioning and questioning about the team, and thats the marque win then what do u wan them to do?