Monday, September 11, 2006

Blog Poll Week III

1 Southern Cal-- DNP (LW 1)
2 Ohio State-- I guess I'm a believer (LW 4)
3 Auburn-- Drop only because of the Buckeyes' rise (LW 2)
4 Notre Dame-- laid a whooping on Penn State (LW 6)
5 Georgia-- roughed up the Cock N' Fire (LW 10)
6 LSU-- game with Auburn should be a doozy (LW 14)
7 Louisville-- why does Temple even field a team? (LW 9)
8 Florida-- tune ups over (LW 11)
9 Virginia Tech-- offense not particulary impressive against North Carolina (LW 8)
10 Texas-- best of the one loss bunch (LW 5)
11 Florida State-- what happened? (LW 7)
12 Iowa-- did everything but lose against Syracuse (LW 3)
13 Michigan-- a win over the Irish would do wonders for Carr's detractors (LW 13)
14 Miami-- big non-conference game against Louisville (LW 12)
15 Nebraska-- have to be the favorites in the Big 12North (LW 23)
16 Pittsburgh-- won on the road for first time under Wanny (LW 15)
17 Tennessee-- almost blew all their good will against Air Force (LW 16)
18 Missouri-- Chase Daniel playing better than Brad Smith (LW NR)
19 West Virginia-- Maryland will be the biggest test for a while (LW 18)
20 Oklahoma-- Adrian Peterson is the reason God made Oklahoma (LW 19)
21 Cal-- got back on track against Minnesota (LW 22)
22 Texas A&M-- still practicing (LW 20)
23 Boise State-- waxed the Beavs after falling behind early (LW 24)
24 Texas Tech-- won possibly the weekend's best game against UTEP (LW NR)
25 Arkansas-- I still believe (LW 25)

Teams that dropped out:
17 Clemson-- unfortunate gaffes in the kicking game
21 Purdue-- something is terribly wrong with the defense

Teams creeping around:
Boston College-- probably not as good as Clemson, but they did win the game
Rutgers-- the pauper is now the prince? (or at least a land owner)
UCLA-- now the schedule toughens up
Arizona State-- looked much better in game 2
TCU-- chance to make a statement at home against Texas Tech

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