Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blog Poll Week IV

1 Southern Cal-- never challenged by Big Red (LW 1)
2 Ohio State-- woke up after sleepy first half against Cincinnati (LW 2)
3 Auburn-- they play some defense in the SEC (LW 3)
4 Louisville-- best Miami up and down the field (LW 7)
5 Florida-- another classic SEC game (LW 8)
6 Michigan-- myself and the rest of America thank you (LW 13)
7 Georgia-- drop only because Florida, Louisville, and Michigan were more impressive (LW 5)
8 LSU-- no shame in losing on the plains (LW 6)
9 Virginia Tech-- look to be the class of a weak SEC (LW 9)
10 Texas-- functional DNP versus Rice (LW 10)
11 Iowa-- got off the Cyclone sneid (LW 12)
12 Notre Dame-- hold on those ND championship t-shirts (LW 4)
13 West Virginia-- spanked Maryland (LW 19)
14 Tennessee-- after a one-point win, have a one-point loss (LW 17)
15 Cal-- time to start conference play (LW 21)
16 Missouri-- survived close contest against New Mexico (LW 18)
17 Nebraska-- So Cal a step up from Louisiana Tech (LW 15)
18 Clemson-- Tommy has to be kicking himself for the special teams failings (LW NR)
19 Boston College-- smoke and mirrors (LW NR)
20 Oregon-- probably not better than the Sooners (LW NR)
21 Florida State-- offense is still terrible (LW 11)
22 Oklahoma-- where's the D? (LW 20)
23 Boise State-- Cowboys provided a bit of a challenge (LW 24)
24 Texas A&M-- South is there for the taking, but how good are Aggies? (LW 22)
25 TCU-- shut down Texas Tech's offense (LW NR)

Teams that dropped out:
14 Miami--offense looked bad against a suspect Louisville D
16 Pittsburgh-- I crashed that bandwagon into the median
24 Texas Tech-- handled by TCU
25 Arkansas-- Vandy is decent, but the game was way too close

Teams creeping around:
Rutgers-- will be 4-0 after this week
Wake Forest-- could be 4-0 after this week
Michigan State-- I hope they will be 4-0 after this week
Navy-- Paul Johnson->best coach in Division I

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